Escoda Synthetic Brush Set

Escoda Synthetic Hair Brush Set

Escoda Synthetic Hair Brush Set

One of the most valuable synthetics due to its great similarity to Kolinsky sable hair. It does not only imitate its color, but it also imitates its natural spring and the brushstroke’s response.

“I am known for giving my brushes strong punishment! my new line of Escoda Synthetics will face the challenge like no other!”

Brush Set contains 3 brushes – Sizes: 8, 10 and 12
Please Note: The shipping costs is more expensive as these brush sets come in a delicate clear fragile box and needs to be shipped in a sturdy box with special material.

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Brush Sets (First Item) US$ 18.00 US$ 20.00 US$ 18.00 US$ 18.00
Brush Sets (Additional Items) US$ 8.00 US$ 8.00 US$ 8.00 US$ 8.00
Order Escoda Synthetic Brush Set Sizes 8, 10 and 12 @ US$ 49.00