December 2012 – Paint from the Heart and Influence the Emotions

Hola amigos! . . .

I do believe color is a universal language. It communicates by stimulating and transmitting emotions, creates atmosphere, and moods. As an artist I find talking about it “irresistible”; because it allows me to lift up my creativity and take it into a higher dimension to be able to influence the emotions I always think color is one of life’s luxuries! Light is a very powerful tool, as it has the capacity to transform the quality of any particular color. Light should never be underestimated, as it can “make or break” a color. Therefore, base your color choice around its virtues, and manipulate its values to support the message you are trying to convey. Try to achieve harmony rather than uniformity, balance the use of color with different values and texture. Choosing the right values can make your work be more expressive even when your colors are at their most elusive and indefinable!  Alvaro

PDF format    Paint from the Heart and Influence the Emotions 2012-Dec