April 2013 – Reignite Your Inspiration and Exploit Watercolors

. . . by Painting Plein Air

I am back in the “rodeo”, after over five months of family living, resting, painting, and not traveling! . . . and I must say, I am so happy to start again, as I really miss it! I miss being with people, creative people . . . I miss the interesting conversations, and the good laughs we all have while we paint on site during the workshops, also the great “treat” while traveling: staying in wonderful different places, eating yummy food, and painting in the most different, amazing and some challenging locations . . . so, all this and more is what we get used to while we attend a workshop. So, hope you can come and paint and have fun with me soon!   Alvaro

PDF format   Reignite Your Inspiration and Exploit Watercolors 2013-April