The Passionate Painter in Havana – Part 2 DVD

Havana-DVD-Part-2Enjoy all the colour and excitement as Alvaro paints the flamboyant characters that abound in the beautiful city of Havana. Learn as he shows how to convey the colour and character of backlit musicians, the city’s bicycle taxi riders hanging round on street corners, the music and ambience in Havana’s famous café, la Taberna, the atmosphere of a quaint old barbershop and, best of all, enjoy the fun as Alvaro paints one of Havana’s famous cigar smoking women.

In Havana Part 1 of his adventures in Havana, Alvaro concentrates on painting the wonderful architecture and streets of the city.

Format: PAL/NTSC (NTSC suitable only for North America & Japan)
Language: English
Duration: 90 minutes
Teaser Trailer: Trailer of Havana Part 2

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Here’s a short clip from the video