April 2016 – Create Rhythm and Excitement in Your Paintings!

Buenos Dias Mi Amigos,

Brushstrokes need to have rhythm in order to provide texture, express volume and convey what the painting is all about. When rhythm is achieved diversity, versatility and asymmetry of application will be apparent in your brushwork.

Use long as opposed to short strokes, wet-in-wet, with the odd unpredictable dry stroke that simultaneously touches wet paper and dry paper, to create great rhythm and excitement.  See my street scene painting below as an example.

Alvaro Castagnet IMG_0716 Street Painting


Painting the Beautiful Corners of an Enchanting City as “ALMERIA” 

Come and have fun while learning all aspects of successful painting, watching my demonstrations, loosen up your brushwork through challenging exercises and critiques. I will help you develop your own unique and personal style.

Alvaro Castagnet IMG_0657 interior painting

 3 days painting workshop JUNE 10-11-& 12

Hosted by Galería de Arte Trino Tortosa

 Class Details – Descripción

Contacto: Trino Tortosa at galeria@trinotortosa.com or Teléfono: +34 667428338  www.trinotortosa.com


Alvaro Castagnet DVD Preview


Alvaro Castagnet Brushes

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