Upcoming Events

August 3, 2017

USA: Greenville, NY

Start: August 3, 2017
End: August 5, 2017
Venue: Hudson River Valley Art Workshops
NY, United States

Contact: Kim Lapolla

Email: klapolla@artworkshops.com

Website: www.artworkshops.com

August 8, 2017

USA: Maine, Portland

Start: August 8, 2017
End: August 11, 2017
Portland, ME, United States

Contact: Lyn Donovan

Mail to: info@coastalmaineartworkshops.com

Website: http://www.coastalmaineartworkshops.com/


September 25, 2017

Spain: Costa Brava

Start: September 25, 2017
End: October 1, 2017
Venue: Costa Brava
Girona, Spain

Contact: Angela Barbi

Email Id: epcartcourses@yahoo.com

Website: www.epc-artcourses.com

April 4, 2018

USA: New Orleans, LA

Start: April 4, 2018
End: April 6, 2018
Venue: David Art Center
New Orleans, LA, United States

Contact: Adriana Torriglia

Phone: (504)888-3630

Email Id:  davidartcenter@cs.com


Working hard, having fun

Any subject is a good subject!

Adriana from David Art

Victory in Scotland

You, yes, YOU! Come and paint

can't paint like him, I'll look like him!


Quick demo

With all my friends! Istanbul

Three brush demo

At it, Italy

At it, in my studio