Frequently Asked Questions

On Painting with Watercolors

Where can I see Alvaro’s work

Alvaro’s works is exhibited in a number of galleries around the world.
Check out the Galleries page to find a complete listing.

Can I see Alvaro in action?

Check out our videos to see short clips of Alvaro painting in different corners of the globe.

On Workshops held

When and where is your next workshop?

We post all our upcoming workshops on our website. You will find workshops that have been planned well into the future.

Click on Workshops to see all the upcoming workshops.

On Products Sold

What is the Squirrel Mop Brush?

These specially designed brushes are inspired by the original Japanese Mop Brush but have longer handles and more hair. The length of the handles is important: the amount of control you have is determined by how far you hold it from the tip, and less control will translate into more freedom in your painting.

What are Giclées?

(pronounced /ʒiːˈkleɪ/ “zhee-clay” or /dʒiːˈkleɪ, from French [ʒiˈkle]) is a way of describing the process of making fine art prints from a digital source using ink-jet printing. The word “giclée” is derived from the French language word “le gicleur” meaning “nozzle”, or more specifically “gicler” meaning “to squirt, spurt, or spray. It has since come to mean any high quality ink-jet print and is often used in galleries and print shops to denote such prints.

Why do you only sell Giclées?

I am very fussy about the final reproduction. Because Giclées so remarkably good, they almost seem like the original. And Giclées are like prints, but a lot better. They are done in premium watercolor paper, with permanent pigments. And they are so good, it is hard to tell them apart from the originals.

How can I buy a print?

We don’t really sell prints instead we sell Giclées.

Giclées that are for sale can be bought from our Products on this website