Alvaro Castagnet’s Watercolour Masterclass – New Book Available Now !!

Watercolour Master Class

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“I promise the new understanding you get from this book will help you take your art to a higher level full of mood and atmosphere and, even more importantly, will help you convey a personal message with every painting you make.” – Alvaro

What you will learn!

  • Each of the 4 Pillars Explained in Detail
  • Watch Alvaro at work from Start to Finish- Inspiration to Masterpiece
  • Learn to Paint “A Watercolour” Not “With Watercolour”
  • Watercolour techniques – Essential guidelines on key Topics
  • How Each Brushstroke Conveys a Message
  • 8 Major Step-by-step Demonstrations – Detailed Staged Paintings of Varied Subjects
  • Multiples Examples of the 4 Pillars
  • Helpful learning Points in Every Chapter
  • Design Principles You Should Know.
  • How to mix colours on the paper.
  • Understand how pigments and water merge and combine.
  • Create different effects.
  • How colour makes the magic happen!

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128 page hard cover book: € 39.90 Euros
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This book is also available in German, Spanish and French.

Beyond Technique: Painting With Passion


Sorry the book is sold out!

It is with great pleasure that I am now able to present my new book to you all.I know you have been waiting long enough, so I am very excited and eager to share it with you.

I have tried to answer all the questions that I am often asked by you.

Let me tell you a bit of what you will find.

Beyond Technique: Painting With Passion contains a large collection of my work, covering a vast variety of subjects, ranging from street scenes, boat scenes, interiors, facades, landscapes, rainy days, etc. — all with descriptive captions, expanding on the key concepts I explain on main six separate chapters.

I have also included start to finish, exciting step-by-step demonstrations displaying a variety of subjects including a landscape, a boat scene, a streetscape, and a still life of my own studio here in Montevideo.

I am sure this book will show you how to make great paintings by going beyond technique and achieving magic in a passionate way!

Sorry the book is sold out, currently out of print.