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Please note: Due to a world wide shortage of squirrel hair, we’ve had to increase the prices of some of our brushes. There is also a possibility that squirrel hair brushes may not be available in future.

Brushes are the most important tool of the painter
My years of experience with watercolor lead me to design the ideal ‘extended finger’. Your painting will benefit from the Squirrel Natural hair brushes which are of premier hair, soft and very absorbent. For more freedom and better craftsmanship these brushes are designed to paint, paint, paint!
My mop-shaped brushes are inspired by the original Japanese Mop Brush but have longer handles and more hair. The length of the handles is important: the amount of control you have is determined by how far you hold it from the tip, and less control will translate into more freedom in your painting.

Once all your main washes are done with our squirrel brushes, you will find the firm control of a premium synthetic brush helpful to apply the final details to your painting.

I am known for giving my brushes strong punishment! My new line of Escoda Synthetics will face the challenge like no other!
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Squirrel Mop Brush

Alvaro’s Squirrel Mop Brush
Alvaro painting with his favorite brush

Alvaro painting with his favorite brush
Alvaro punishing his brushes

“I give my brushes punishment”

Now you can get ‘ALVARO CASTAGNET’ brushes and paint like a Pro!

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Synthetic Hair Brushes

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