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Master Artist Set of Extra Fine Watercolour Pigments By Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith Master Artist Set

“DANIEL SMITH colors offer deep chromatic intensity, the colours are luminous, have good sedimentary trait, great for creating paintings that make an expressionistic, gutsy statement!… They suit my passion to the ‘T’!”

I am proud to release to you my very own colour palette ‘Master Artist Set of Extra Fine Watercolor Pigments By Daniel Smith’.

Daniel Smith Master Color

Daniel has created Burnt Sienna Light just for me.

With this unique 10 colour set you have the opportunity to experience my full colour palette.

This set is sized right to offer a great value and includes Burnt Sienna Light, a colour formulated specifically for me and available only in this set!

Perfect for painting on location too!

The set includes 10 lightweight 5ml tubes of Ultramarine Blue, Cobalt Blue, Yellow Ochre, Hansa Yellow Deep, Pyrrol Red, Deep Scarlet, Mayan Orange, Viridian and Neutral Tint.

And of course don’t forget the tenth color is my unique new Burnt Sienna Light.

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