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  • Azul4x6 sketch Dark Blue AZUL

    Perfect travel companion for the artist who is inspired by the moment
    Alvaro Castagnet believes that capturing the essence of the subject, its particular sense of place, mood and atmosphere should be conveyed with passion and integrity. The Passionate Artist Multi-Media Sketchbook is a unique tool with its compendium of high quality papers to suit the various mediums of expression

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    10.16cm x 15.24cm (4”x6”)
    -Debossed with Title and Signature
    Price: US$14.99

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  • Busy Time NYBusy Time NY Sketchbook Cover by Alvaro Castagnet

    Have you been looking for the perfect sketchbook?
    You’ve found it! Because I have designed Busy Time NY. A custom made sketchbook that contains a variety of high quality papers that I believe are the best combination for working in watercolor and dry media.
    Busy time has a special edition cover painting. It makes for the perfect gift. Or why not just treat yourself.

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    20.32cm x 27.94cm (8”x11”)
    -Alvaro’s Favorite Size
    Price: US$49.99

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  • Rojo6x8 sketch Rojo Leatherette

    Are you looking for a unique sketchbook?
    “Rojo” is a Beautiful and Practical sketchbook, comes with an abundance of different kinds of papers to allow you to work in Multi-Media.

    Stylish hard cover in red leatherette, will be just what you need!
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    15.24cm x 21.59cm (6”x8.5”)
    -Debossed with Title and Signature
    Price: US$24.95

    Order Rojo Sketchbook @ US$ 24.95