South America

Haven’t you always wanted to paint in magical South America?

Come and Paint My Homeland: South American Trip, March 17 -27, 2011
(Extension to Peru March 27 – April 1, 2011)

This is a fabulous opportunity to visit and paint some of the most beautiful places in exotic South America, including Alvaro’s own art studio. The tour is one of the most relaxing and informative painting vacations ever devised and who better to lead the tour than one of watercolour’s most passionate and spontaneous artists, Alvaro Castagnet.

If you want to have the time of your life, please join us!

• You will be able to learn from lots of demonstrations, from an outstanding artist.
• Share great moment with artists who share similar interests.
• Paint & Learn about the culture, of South America, guided by Alvaro and Ana Maria Castagnet
• For the non-painting partners there is plenty of things to do, as Ana Maria will keep them busy, showing them around trying to fulfill everyone’s interest.
So, as Alvaro says, ”If you love life—don’t miss this workshop!” We look forward to receiving your enquiry.